Your Better Project

During your two years of Better week, you will design, create, and implement a project of your choosing that will make the healthcare world better, and ultimately improve patient care. 




Checklist Manifesto

Understanding Patient Safety

Fundamentals of Health Care Improvement

Good Reads

Atule Gawande: How do we Heal Medicine?

The world of healtchare QI is vast. Many inspiring individuals have ventured to try to improve healthcare in the past. If you're looking for some inspiration to get you excited about making a change, consider watching these videos, or perusing the reading list.

For ideas and inspiration about your particular project, there are many resources to pique your creativity.

Within our own institution, there is a sharepoint site where employees can enter ideas to improve the hospital. 

(Only works on campus.)

Choosing Wisely is a natioal campagin created by the ABIM to encourage evidence-based medical decision making. Reviewing these recommendations might help you recognize a place where our hospital could improve our efficiency.

Hospital compare is a Medicare website that compares spending and efficiencies between hospitals accross the country. 

Project Startup


Once you have selected a focus for your project, or idetified an idea you would like to work on, use the resources listed below to get your project off the ground. 

Official BUMCP U of A QI poster template. 

Official BUMCP U of A Research poster template

Better Poster Requirements

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As your project begins to take form, anticipate how you will present it to the world. Every resident is required to present their progress to institutional leadership and preparing a poster for dissemination by the conclusion of their 4th Better week. 

There are multiple opportunities to present and compete using the work you have done in Better week. Conferences are listed here, including the local Academic Excellence Day, High Value Ideas Competition, VA Quality Day, and Housestaff Quality and Safety Day. We encourage every resident to publish and submit their work to broader forums, including ACP, SHM, and subspecialty societies.