From our Housestaff Transition Officer, Debbi Taylor:

Transition to Employed Physician

To help you prepare for your transition from residency/fellowship to practice, I will periodically provide information on related topics, such as practice options, writing your CV, understanding contract terms, financial planning, and job searching. If there is a topic you would like to see covered in this newsletter, please let me know.

Planning is the key to your smooth and successful transition. The first step is knowing what type of work environment you want to be in. Do you want to manage a solo practice or join a group? How about working for a health care system like Banner Health? Attached is a document (“Identifying Your Key Job Issues”) that may assist you in answering these questions.


Meet the Banner Health Physician Recruitment Team


Banner Resident Retention Incentives

Banner Health Physician Recruitment is thrilled to announce a new Banner resident retention incentive program. Please see the attached flyer!


Job Announcements

Hear ye, hear ye! Click here for Banner Health Physician Job Opportunities. You can also find job announcements posted in the following areas of BUMCP:

  •          Resident Work Room in the hospital cafeteria

  •          Resident Kitchen/Lounge in West Tower 5th floor

  •          Near resident sleep rooms in West Tower 5th floor