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How to Write a Case Report

Do you have an interesting case that you think the medical community could learn from?

Do you want to start publishing and building your professional CV?

A case report may be the perfect place for you to start!

Below are links to a few great resources to help guide you through the process of building your first case report. As always, Dr. Gerkin is also a wonderful resource within our program. Email him here. Another great resource for the IRB process is Melisa Celaya here.


The IRB process begins while the patient is in house. It is necessary to get HIPAA Authorization from the patient:

  1. The red language on the HIPAA Authorization Template (below) should be changed according to your information. Then the form needs to be signed and dated by the patient or legal representative. Keep the originally signed document.

  2. A patient encounter label with DOS matching the date the HIPAA Authorization Form was signed needs to be placed on the top right side of each page on the form prior to scanning and sending to HIMS for uploading to Cerner. Please send a copy of the signed HIPAA Authorization to through your Banner email. This is a HIPAA compliant way of sending the document from a Banner email to another Banner email.

  3. Original HIPAA Authorization Forms will still need to be kept and not discarded. Please contact your UA Research Support Representative (in this case you can give me the form) to collect the original signed form once you have scanned and emailed it to HIMS for uploading to the patient chart. The original forms will be held in a locked cabinet within the CReSS Research Offices.

  4. Submit a Research Determination Form (RDF) according to attached instructions for all Case Reports prior to writing your publication. IRB determination is necessary for all publications. We can support you if you need assistance with the RDF. I have also attached a copy of the blank RDF.

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