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Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try. 

- Atul Gawande


Atul Gawande’s book, Better, inspired a curriculum that challenges us to reflect and improve on all areas of the care we provide, including medical knowledge, professionalism, communication, identification of patient safety (PS) concerns, and application of quality improvement (QI) tools. In the current rapidly changing landscape of health care, there is a unique opportunity for innovation in quality, PS, and in other vital areas that are not captured by the ACGME competencies.  Over the course of your PGY2 and PGY3 years, you will participate in a longitudinal curriculum of personal and professional development, which culminates in an individual QI project with faculty mentorship.

The overarching goals of Better week are threefold:

  • to enable residents to demonstrate competence in healthcare quality improvement and patient safety,

  • to enable residents to perform a thorough audit of a faulty process or patient safety event, and

  • to design, implement, present, and disseminate a project

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