Resident Wellness

The demands of residency can be challenging at times.  Our program recognizes this and believes that as physicians, we must care for ourselves in order to provide the best care we can for our patients and their families.  As a program we are committed to supporting resident wellness in all that we do.

We realize that some aspects of residency are more difficult than others and we encourage all residents to take advantage of the free counseling sessions that are part of our standard benefit (see EAP info below).                           

Resident/Fellow Employee Resources and Benefits

Employee Assistance Program:  sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you don’t know what to do. The EAP gives you access to resources to help you through the tough times.  Some of the services offered are:

  • Free Personal/Family psychology/psychiatry consultation 

  • Senior Care

  • Child Care

  • Legal Consultation

  • Parenting

  • Identity Theft

  • Pet Care

There are two ways to access these services: Call 1-800-633-5954 or log onto, employer id: bannerhealth. Many of the services provided are free or low cost. For further instructions and a list of providers near BUMCP, click here. 

University of Arizona Wellness Resources: For access to the University of Arizona wellness resources visit Here you will find information regarding access to PT and OT services, chiropractic care, and consultations with a registered dietitian.

Coverage:  Our program also has a process for calling in sick if you have an illness or other personal issue that keeps you from being able to come to work.  If you are feeling too fatigued to work, your team can help.  Let your attending or senior resident know.  We value the awareness that identifying fatigue involves and support transitioning your patients when needed to allow for safe care of them and you.  Ideas are to go sleep in the call room  for a brief period, leave early for the day or other suggestions that you and your team determine.

Safe Ride Home: After a long shift if you do not want to take a nap in the sleep room, don’t risk driving home.Call a cab.The Medical Education Department will reimburse your cab fare to and from work.Keep your receipts and turn them into your program coordinator for reimbursement.

Employees Choosing Healthy Option: For access to most of Banner's employee wellness resources, visit  or go straight to Wired2Wellbeing. You must create a free login name. It will prompt you to download a smartphone app called HealthyNow, which will actually connect you directly to your Wired2Wellbeing account. Once you are logged in to Wired2Wellbeing, you will see mutiple resources available inside the portal.

At the top of the page, there is a menu called "Onsite Wellness Events". Go there, and select "Banner University Medical Center - Phoenix" as your location. From there, you can read more about the following services, and most of them have direct links to sign up (as employees) directly at

  • Acupuncture:  a way to manage health & wellness thru Traditional Chinese Medicine practice.  There is a reasonable fee for services.

  • Ergonomics:  Can identify and offer solutions to improve workstation discomfort

  • Mindfulness:  this free online course can help the practice of quieting your mind and bringing you into the present moment to reduce stress and bring awareness to your life

  • Gym Discounts:

    •  Check out the listing of gyms that provide a discount to Banner employees.  Go to  

    • University of Arizona also has an agreement with Mountainside Fitness for discounted pricing. You can find more information here. 

  • Exercise Programs:  Group classes include Zumba, Pilates, Yoga & Stretching

  • Tobacco Cessation:  this program is available to everyone free of charge.  For assistance call 1-800-QUIT-NOW

  • Wellness Challenges:  Challenges are advertised on each facilities E-news page.  One of the more common challenges is the annual “Turkey Trot” to encourage people to stay fit during the holiday season.

  • Skin Cancer Screenings:  Provides a baseline risk assessment looking for changes in the skin, moles, or skin lesions that may pose an increased cancer risk.

  • Weight Management/ Nutrition Consultations:  free of charge if you are enrolled in a Banner Medical Plan.



Employee Discounts:  check out the employee discount page at  It provides discounts for your home, auto, educational, financial, family and sporting events to name a few.


A few examples:

  • Otterbox Phone Cases – 10 % off

  • Concert/Sporting Events – 10% off

  • Restaurant Discounts

  • – 7% off online orders

  • Flowers & gift baskets – 10% to 15% off

  • Discount memberships to Costco & Sam’s Club

  • Verizon Mobile – 22% off your monthly bill

Faculty Support:

Our program assigns each resident a faculty "Coach", as well as an APD CCC advocate. Both of these individuals are responsible for helping you stay happy, healthy, and successful. You can reach out to either of them at any time.

Our goal is to build a community in which residents and faculty look out for one another.  Through deliberate planning and spontaneous creation of teams and activities, our residents are a close network of people devoted to taking care of their patients and each other.  Working toward this goal, we organize the following activities:

          Intern Orientation

In addition to the required information sessions, there are evening events for our residents and faculty to get to know each other and welcome our new class to Phoenix.  Other activities include a Significant Other Workshop, as well as an evening at the Art Museum.

          Class Retreats

PGY-1: This is a daylong retreat in November of the first year.  Interns have their clinical duties covered while they enjoy a day of team building, leadership development, hiking in the Phoenix South Mountain range and evening BBQ with their peers, the Program Leadership and Chief Residents.


PGY-2: This takes place during an evening in Phoenix in winter of second year.  Clinical duties are covered to allow residents to step outside their working environment and focus on each other and their class unity.  Coverage provided.       


PGY-3: Half day retreat in Phoenix in fall of third year allows seniors to foster their community and provides information on starting job search, financial counseling resources and transitioning to life beyond residency.  Coverage provided.

          Housestaff Council Meetings

Elected officers from each class meet monthly to be the voice of our program and collaborate with the program leadership in improving our program using the ideas and involvement of our residents.  This council organizes community service events, evening get-togethers and sporting engagements for the residents to take part in.

          Intern Appreciation Evening

The program hosts an annual to recognize the hard work of the intern class.  Family and significant others welcome.


          Capers Annual Holiday Benefit Party

Every year Banner has a black tie benefit that includes the residents.  A silent auction and dancing are part of the night’s activities at one of the upscale resorts in Phoenix.



Every academic year comes to a close with an awards dinner held at a nearby Phoenix resort to recognize and celebrate the achievements of graduating class and select faculty members.


          Intern Week

The last week of the academic year is every intern’s 4th week of vacation!  In the past groups of interns have celebrated the end of intern year together; renting a beach house in nearby San Diego, planning a trip to the beach in Mexico, or exploring beautiful northern AZ to escape the heat.


          Schwartz Center Rounds

This is a monthly noon conference series that offers healthcare providers an opportunity to openly and honestly discuss the social and emotional issues they face in caring for patients and families.  The focus of the interdisciplinary dialogue is on the human dimension of medicine. 

If you have more ideas or resources for wellness, or more content that you would like added to this site, please reach out and let us know.

Dr. Holland is the faculty lead for the Wellness Program Improvement Committee. The button below will link you to her preferred email address through PCH.

The chiefs are always happy to continue developing the website with you.