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Residency Timeline


Late 1st year or 

Early Second Year


All three years!


Applications begin

second year


Register by mid-Febuary of 3rd year


Apply in December

of 3rd year


Fall of 3rd year

Schedule Planning


The University of Arizona Internal Medicine Residency at Phoenix follows ABIM policies, and as such, residents must meet the ABIM criteria for certification in order to successfully complete the program.  The detailed requirements may be found at

In the 3-year internal medicine residency there are required rotations, described below. 

 Regarding additional electives, the following rules apply:

  1. You must do 4 electives with outpatient focus during your residency

    1. Options that fulfill this requirement are marked with an (O)​

  2. You cannot do more than 3 electives in one specialty (ie. GI at VA, GI at BUMC-P, and Hepatology; Cards VA, Cards-BUMC-P and Research in Cards).

  3. The maximum number of ICU rotations over the course of your residency is 6

  4. * Indicates needing prior authorization

  5. You will almost certainly have extra room in your schedule after your meet the above requirements. You are allowed to take extra electives from these categories. 


These required specialty rotations will automatically be entered into your schedules:

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Geriatrics 

  • VA Consultative Medicine 

  • Cardiology

  • Neurology

There are also required general medicine ambulatory rotations. You will need to complete 3 of the following:

  • Ambulatory PGY1 rotation at the site of your continuity clinic

  • Ambulatory PGY2 rotation at the site of your continuity clinic

  • PGY3 Ambulatory selective (PGY3): (must complete 1 of the following prior to graduation) - 

    • Cigna Urgent Care

    • Business of Ambulatory Medicine 

    • Adelante Medical Center

    • Mountain Park Health Center

    • Private ambulatory with community preceptor – must be coordinated in advance

    • St. Vincent DePaul

    • Wesley Community Center

    • VA Community based Outpatient Clinics

(NOTE - you will have THREE half days of continuity clinic during your Selective Month.)


·Adelante Medical Center Clinic (O)                               ·Infectious Disease-VA

·Advanced Cardiology-InPT                                          ·Mountain Park Health Center (O)

·Advanced Cardiology-Out patient (O)                          ·Nephrology-AKDHC

·Advanced Gastroenterology-VA (O)                             ·Nephrology-SKI

·Advanced Neurology-BUMCP (O)                                 ·Nephrology-VA (O)

·Allergy/Immunology-Private Practice* (O)                   ·Neurology ICU*

·Ambulatory-Private Practice* (O)                                ·Ophthalmology-Private Practice* (O)

·Anesthesiology-BUMCP                                               ·Palliative Care-VA (O)

·Away*                                                                      ·PM&R/Pain-VA (O)

·Business of Ambulatory Medicine (O)                           ·Private Ambulatory with Community 

                                                                                             Preceptor* (O)

·Cardiology-VA (Fatima) (O)                                         ·Pulmonology, Inpatient-BUMCP

·Cigna Urgent Care (O)                                                ·Pulmonology-VA

·Clinical Informatics-BUMCP/VA                                    ·Radiology-BUMCP

·Dermatology-BUMCP (O)                                            ·Radiation Oncology – BUMCP* (O)

·Dermatology-VA (O)                                                   ·Research*

·Endocrinology-BUMCP (O)                                           ·Rheumatology-BUMCP (O)

·Endocrinology-VA (O)                                                 ·Rheumatology-VA (O)

·ENT-Private Practice (O)                                             ·Rheumatology-Private (O)

·Gastroenterology-VA (O)                                            ·Sleep Medicine-Pulm Associates (O)

·Hematology/Oncology – BMDA* (O)                            ·Sports Medicine-BUMCP (O)

·Hematology/Oncology VA (O)                                     ·St. Vincent De Paul Medical Center (O)

·Hepatology-BUMCP                                                    ·Toxicology-BUMCP

·HIV/Immunodeficiency-Private Practice (O)                  ·Wesley Center Community Med (O)

·Hospitalist-BUMCP                                                      ·Women’s Health/Gyn – BUMCP* (O)

·Infectious Disease-BUMCP                                          ·Wound Care-BUMCP * (O)

Required Procedures

The following procedures are required, according to ABIM:


-venous puncture

-arterial puncture

-pelvic exam and pap smear

-Placing a peripheral Venous line

You must have logged THREE procedures in order to be considered "competent."

You are still, of course, encouraged to perform all other procedures when safe and appropriate, and encouraged to log them in New Innovations, as documentation of procedural experience makes you a more competitive job applicant.

All oral or nasal intubations at B-UMCP must be supervised by trauma anesthesia or one of the intensivists. 

At the VA, only practitioners who have been trained in out of operative room airway management may intubate, even when supervised.

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