Onboarding Resources

  • 7am-7pm, last admit at 4pm

  • 12pm-12am, last admit at 9pm

  • 1 admit to any rounder who starts the day with less than 15 patients, often an overnight holdover

  • 1 admit to all non-call ICU rounders

  • 3 admits to on-call ICU rounder

Add all new admits and consults to the list and print off a list of all your admits to leave in the box at the end of the day!


We are consultants for:

  • Orthopedics – CORE Orthopedics

  • Structural Cards patients admitted by Dr. Pershad or Verma for TAVR, Watchman, or Lariat procedures

  • Pyschiatry on West Tower 6

  • Rehab patients

We are primary for:

  • Neurosurgery

  • Ortho CORE Spine

  • Hand Surgery

  • Colorectal Surgery

  • Sickle Cell

Plastic surgery and hepatobiliary surgery patients vary case-by-case.

When am I a consultant

and when am I primary?

  • Obs team consists of 3 physicians and 1 nurse practitioner per pod (A and B). The NPs will see up to 10 of the rounding patients with us. Physicians do all admits. 

  • Goal is length of stay <24 hours.

  • Round with the nurses and MDCCs at 9:30AM in Obs Conference room to coordinate and expedite care, and discuss upgrading to "Inpatient Status" based on results of workup and documentation


All admissions come through THE WHEEL of central distribution, including patients from Banner Transfer Services (aka
“Outreach”), the Emergency Department, and the PACU. They attempt to keep distribution even between all admitting physicians, including the Teach service.  They can be contacted at 839-6260.

The Teach Service only accepts OBS patients if they are clinic patients or "bounces," meaning discharged by them <30 days ago. 

The Teach Service should take all of their own Resident Clinic patients, as well as all cystic fibrosis patients and bounces. 

Where do admits come from

and who do we admit?

Between 7pm-12am, TCC will cover, or will send an overnight physician to the bedside. There are two TCCs - one assigned to all even numbered floors (both towers) + Rehab, and one assiged to odd floors + Obs.
After 12am, the in house team takes over cross-cover.

There is one rounder each day designated to stay in house until 6 PM to cover overhead rapid response pages. They should go to bedside and reach out to the primary hospitalist for more context. 

eICU – Nurses have been instructed to call eICU for most of their needs.  Certain circumstances require the in house team to assist.

SAFA covers all Code BLues.

  • Meet at 1PM on the floor where you have the most patients. Discuss care and discharge planning with the nurses, nurse managers, case managers, social workers, and other resources.

  • These should be physician-lead, meaning you report on the patient's status and communicate your needs

  • Goal is to last <20 minutes and help facilitate your ongoing needs

What are multi-disciplinary rounds?

Who to call if you need help:

How to share saved orders:

Med rec in cerner: