The Internal Medicine Moonlighting policy is covered in the Banner B-UMCPUA COM-P House Staff Manual with the following additions:

  • The Clinical Competency Committee and Program Director must approve the resident for moonlighting.  The purpose of this is to determine that the resident will be able to devote time to the moonlighting activity without jeopardizing his/her residency activities (e.g. coursework, clinics, weekend ward coverage, sick call and contingency call). An email describing the position and rationale may be submitted to Arletta Espinoza who will place it on the agenda for review. 

  • The CCC and the Program Director will not judge whether the resident has had sufficient training to manage the activities required the specific moonlighting job.  It is the resident's responsibility to discuss the necessary skills with the prospective employer and determine with that employer whether the resident's prior experience and training is adequate for him/her to perform the expected duties in an unsupervised setting.  The resident must determine whether additional malpractice coverage is required.

  • Total in-hospital working hours, including both residency duties and moonlighting, may not exceed 80 hours weekly.  Moonlighting may occur only during electives.

  • Moonlighting clearance will be reviewed annually by the CCC to assure continued compliance with the requirements. 

  • Anyone who scores less than the 30th percentile on the in-training Exam given each year will not be allowed to moonlight.  So as not to create undue hardships, extenuating circumstances should be discussed with the program director.

  • Failure to comply with these requirements or those of the Banner B-UMCPUA COM-P House Staff Manual will result in disciplinary action.